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Welcome! 🔥 FREE shipping $35+. 🔥 Flat rate shipping of $6.99 on all other orders.🔥


Welcome to Delightfully Hot, where we recognize that what's delightfully hot for one person, is different from the next in the world of heat and spice. We have curated an inventory full of delicious gifts for the spicy food lover, but don't worry, we've got the mild goodies and everything in between too!

At Delightfully Hot, we believe in the power of a memorable customer experience. Our dedicated team is committed to guiding you in finding the perfect, one-of-a-kind spicy food gift that you'll be excited to present. Whether you're looking to surprise a friend, loved one, or treat yourself to something special, we're here to help you discover that ideal balance of flavors and heat.

Based in sunny Jacksonville, Florida, we're proud to be a woman-owned small business with a big passion for all things spicy. Our collection showcases not only our own meticulously crafted creations but also a handpicked selection from other talented makers. Your purchase today supports small businesses across the country - Thank You!

Get to know our team!


What Makes Me Dance: Seeing my wife, Talking Heads, & crispy chicken wings that are well sauced.

Favorite Thing To Cook: Brisket (I know, easy out answer. But I love how the technical side pays off in the eating end.)

Nobody Would Ever Guess: Jacksonville is further west than Pittsburgh. Also I'm a Swifty.

Hidden Talent: I can carry 8 full drinks with just my hands.

What Makes Me Weird: Not enough room here to get into it. 

Something I'm Proud Of: Blending our background of photo/video/graphic production with this food business is something I am exceptionally proud of.

Favorite Thing About Working Here: We have an awesome team that makes me want to come to work everyday. I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true. 

Currently Obsessed With: Hotter than El's Love Burns


What Makes Me Dance: Roadtrips...Queen of the car dancing over here.

Favorite Thing To Cook: I love to experiment in the kitchen when it's just me. There isn't one particular thing that I love, I just love the freedom to experiment without pressure.

Nobody Would Ever Guess: I rapped "I Missed The Bus" by Kris Kross in a talent show when I was in Kindergarten.

Hidden Talent: I'm exceptionally good at finding information about people on the internet.

What Makes Me Weird: I make up catchy jingles about inanimate objects.

Something I'm Proud Of: Receiving a Local Hero of the Year award for all of the volunteer work I've done over the years.

Favorite Thing About Working Here: Our team - I get to work with some of the kindest humans I've ever known.

Currently Obsessed With: First & Ten Cayenne Garlic Hot Sauce


What Makes Me Dance: Usher's Yeah

Favorite Thing To Cook: Spaghetti Bolognese 

Nobody Would Ever Guess: I can't whistle

Hidden Talent: I can plunge any toilet

What Makes Me Weird: Bread gives me the hiccups

Something I'm Proud Of: The human beings that my kids are

Favorite Thing About Working Here: How much we laugh

Currently Obsessed With: Pizza Monstah Savory Italian Seasoning


What Makes Me Dance: Simple Minds - Don't you forget about me

Favorite Thing To Cook: Pork Tenderloin

Nobody Would Ever Guess: I like to whittle 

Hidden Talent: I can do a headstand

What Makes Me Weird: I enjoy bad horror movies

Something I'm Proud Of: Being a husband, Uncle, and soon to be Dad.

Favorite Thing About Working Here: All the new skills I am able to learn. That we aren't afraid to try new things and everybody helps make the ideas come to life.

Currently Obsessed With: Cooper's Small Batch Tsumami Hot Sauce


What Makes Me Dance: Eating out + the food is good = happy dance.

Favorite Thing To Cook: Shrimp Boil.

Nobody Would Ever Guess: That I can handle an INSANE amount of heat like a champ!

Hidden Talent: I can make the loudest whistle. 

What Makes Me Weird: I put ketchup on pizza.

Something I'm Proud Of: My ability to learn and adapt.

Favorite Thing About Working Here: There is always a new and different project to work on, which makes work always fun. I also like how it is a small team and everyone gets involved in the projects, everything is the result of teamwork. 

Currently Obsessed With: Julz's Creations- Dragon's Breath

Thank you for reading a little bit about our team here at Delightfully Hot! And a HUGE shoutout to our seasonal team (not pictured) who comes to our rescue during busy season when we need more helpful hands and happy hearts to make it all work!