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Scrapple: The Delightfully Weird Breakfast Meat You Haven't Tried Yet

When it comes to breakfast meat, most people go for the universal favorites like bacon, sausage, or ham. But have you ever heard of scrapple? If not, you're missing out on a uniquely weird breakfast meat that's worth trying. Scrapple has a bit of a reputation for being an acquired taste, but once you give it a chance, you might find yourself wondering where it’s been all your life. So, what exactly is scrapple, and why should you add it to your breakfast menu? Let's dive right in.

Scrapple is a type of meatloaf that originated in Pennsylvania and is made from ground pork and sometimes beef and cornmeal. The meat and cornmeal are mixed together with spices like sage, thyme, and savory, and then baked into loaves. After that, the scrapple is sliced into thin pieces and fried up like a patty, which is how it’s typically served. The resulting taste is a savory blend of salty and crispy, with an unusual texture that's kind of mushy on the inside and crispy on the outside.

While scrapple is still a relatively obscure breakfast meat, it has a long history in Pennsylvania's culinary culture. It's a food that speaks to the state's rural, working-class roots, and it's a testament to our society's history of using every part of the animal. Originally, scrapple was made from the leftover parts of a pig that were not typically used for other types of pork products, such as the head, liver, and heart. But don't let that description put you off, as scrapple is really a delicious way to utilize these leftover meat parts.

The great thing about scrapple is that it's incredibly versatile. It complements breakfast staples like eggs, toast, and pancakes, but it also pairs well with other foods like avocado, salsa, or even mustard. Whether you prefer your scrapple crispy or soft, the possibilities are endless when it comes to pairing it with other flavors.

If you're hesitant to give scrapple a try, you're not alone. The idea of eating something that's made from the less-popular parts of a pig might sound unappetizing at first. But before you write it off completely, consider giving it a chance. You might end up finding a new breakfast favorite that you never even knew existed.

So there you have it, the meatloaf that captured the hearts of Pennsylvanians and could soon capture yours too! In summary, scrapple is a somewhat bizarre breakfast meat that you should try at least once. While it's not for everyone, scrapple offers a unique taste and texture that's worth experiencing. Plus, it has a rich history and is the epitome of using everything that's available from an animal. If you ever stumble across it on your travels, give it a whirl – you might just end up being pleasantly surprised by this weird and wonderful breakfast meat.

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