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Elevate Your Summer with Flavor

Elevate Your Summer with Flavor

Summer is the perfect time to indulge in vibrant flavors and explore new culinary adventures. Whether you're firing up the grill for a backyard BBQ, missing that Louisiana Cajun cooking, or preparing tangy hot sauce chicken wings for a picnic, incorporating handcrafted spicy seasoning blends and artisanal hot sauces can transform your dishes into memorable creations. Join us as we explore a variety of summer recipes that showcase the richness and versatility of these gourmet products, perfect for every occasion under the sun.

Handcrafted spicy seasoning blends and artisanal hot sauces are not just condiments; they're culinary masterpieces crafted by dedicated artisans. These small-batch creations embody a commitment to quality and flavor, offering a sensory experience that elevates any dish. Whether you're seeking small batch gourmet chili sauces or exotic pepper-infused condiments, each product promises to deliver unique taste profiles that satisfy adventurous palates. And you can never go wrong with supporting small businesses!

Marinating meats, veggies, and seafood with small batch gourmet hot sauces is a surefire way to infuse your dishes with rich, mouthwatering flavors. Our specialty fiery seasoning blends are perfect for creating marinades that enhance the natural juices of your favorite cuts. From all natural unique spicy rubs featuring the datil pepper, to our selection of hot sauces sure to find the perfect pairing to elevate your dish, to Cajun seasonings that will knock your shrimp’s socks off, each product promises to elevate your grilling game to new heights.

Here are some of our favorite summer time (or any time frankly) recipes that you can enjoy with some of our delicious seasonings!

Datilgator Cajun Shrimp 
Serves 4-6 ppl 
3 Tablespoons - Datilgator Cajun Seasoning 
1 Pound - 16/20 Shrimp (head off, unpeeled) 
1 Tablespoon - Worcestershire Sauce 
1 Tablespoon - Jarred minced garlic 
½ Cup - room temperature Amber Ale Beer (Fat Tire or similar) 
8 Tablespoons - Salted Butter (Kerrygold or similar) 
1 French Baguette (fresh) 
½ Cup - Shrimp Stock (made from peeled shrimp shells, do not buy
2 Cups - of Water 

  1. Preheat Oven to 300 degrees
  2. Peel and devein shrimp, save shells 
  3. Add empty shells and water to a medium sized saucepan - this is your shrimp stock 4. Heat shells and water on medium heat on stove, stir occasionally 
  4. Add 6 Tablespoons (¾ of stick) of butter and Datilgator Cajun Seasoning to a large frying pan 6. Heat butter and Datilgator Cajun Seasoning over low heat 
  5. Stir regularly for 3 - 5 minutes 
  6. Put french baguette in oven on rack, allow to warm for 10-15 minutes 
  7. In frying pan, once butter and seasoning are melted together, add Worcestershire Sauce and Minced Garlic, stir 
  8. Strain ½ cup of shrimp stock into a measuring cup (save measured ½ cup of shrimp stock to use later in recipe and discard the rest) 
  9. Pour room temperature beer into ½ cup measuring cup 
  10. Increase heat on frying pan to medium - high heat DO NOT BURN 
  11. After 20 - 30 seconds (likely sooner if using gas stove) Add shrimp to frying pan 14. Make sure shrimp is spread out in pan and not overlapping on top of each other 15. Reduce heat slightly 
  12. Cook for 20 - 30 seconds, flip with tongs, cook for additional 20 - 30 seconds after all are flipped, cooking time may vary slightly DO NOT BURN shrimp or sauce 
  13. Add shrimp stock (½ cup measured and strained) and ½ cup of beer to frying pan 18. Reduce heat to low for 1-2 minutes 
  14. Remove from heat 
  15. Remove bread from oven and slice into ¾” pieces                                   
  16. In a bowl, add slices of bread with butter. Top with shrimp and sauce and enjoy or add to a bowl of steamed rice!


    Datilgator Sweet & Spicy Candied Bacon.                                                                              Serves 5-7ppl                                                                                                               Ingredients:

    2 Tbsp Datilgator Sweet & Spicy Seasoning                                                                                    1 Pound Bacon (About 16 slice) Regular cut                                                                               3 Tbsp Brown Sugar

    1. Preheat Oven to 425                                                                                          
    2. Cover a baking sheet with edges of aluminum foil                                             
    3. Lay out all bacon slices on top of foil                                                                  
    4. Cook bacon for 18-20 minutes until bacon is about 80% cooked                    
    5. While bacon is cooking, mix brown sugar with Datilgator Sweet & Spicy Seasoning                                                                                         
    6. Remove bacon from oven, flip every slice, do not allow bacon to cool              
    7. Sprinkle mixture evenly on top of flipped bacon                                                
    8. Place coated bacon back into the oven for 3-5 minutes, or until bacon is crispy                                                                                                           
    9. Remove bacon from oven, immediately use tongs to remove bacon from baking sheet and put on paper towel covered plate and serve!


    Datilgator Esquite Corn                                                                                                         Makes 4 Servings                                                                                               


    2 Tbs unsalted butter or extra-virgin olive oil
    3 ½ cups corn kernels (16 ounces frozen or from about 5 fresh cobs)
    ½ Tsp fine salt
    2 Medium cloves garlic, pressed or minced
    ¼ Cup mayonnaise*
    1 Medium finely chopped jalapeño, optional
    1 Tbsp lime juice, plus extra lime wedges for garnish
    1 Tsp Datilgator Taco Lime Seasoning (add more for more heat)
    ¼ Cup finely grated Cotija cheese, plus more for sprinkling (you can substitute Feta Cheese if you don't have Cojita)
    ¼ Cup finely chopped cilantro

    1. Melt the butter in a large skillet, preferably cast iron, over medium heat. Once melted, add the corn and the salt (if using frozen corn, no need to defrost first). Cook, stirring just every minute or so, until the corn is warmed through and turning golden on the edges, about 5 to 8 minutes (turn the heat down to low if the corn starts jumping out of the pan). 
    2. Add the garlic and cook until fragrant, about 30 seconds, then remove the skillet from the heat. Let the corn cool for a few minutes, then transfer it to a medium mixing bowl. 
    3. Add the remaining ingredients to the bowl (the mayonnaise, optional jalapeño, lime juice, Datilgator Taco Lime Seasoning, cheese and cilantro). Stir to combine. Season to taste with additional salt, if needed. 
    4. To serve, divide the mixture between small cups and garnish individual servings with a wedge of lime, perhaps a sprinkle of additional cheese and Taco Lime Seasoning.  Leftovers keep well, refrigerated, for about 4 days. 

    Ready to explore a world of flavors that will have your tastebuds dancing for more? Our curated collection features everything from award-winning hot sauces to custom spice blends that cater to your culinary aspirations. Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for a spicy food enthusiast, shopping for a special man in your life, or if you’re shopping for yourself, our online hot sauce store is your gateway to discovering unique tastes and supporting local hot sauce producers. You can build your own hot sauce gift box with spicy sauce, seasoning, and snacks that reflect your loved one's passion for bold flavors. Whether it's a birthday, Father’s Day, or just because, our collection ensures that every recipient enjoys a flavorful surprise.

    This summer, let handcrafted spicy seasoning blends and artisanal hot sauces take center stage in your culinary adventures. Whether you're grilling up spicy side dishes for BBQs or experimenting with fiery summer cocktail recipes, these gourmet delights promise to add excitement and flavor to every meal. Explore our collection, support small businesses, and savor the joy of discovering new tastes that elevate your summer gatherings and everyday dining experiences.

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